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Lynne Koral voting in 2012 Federal election

Anchorage Daily News Lynne Koral votes at the Anchorage Senior Center using the visually impaired voting machine on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Koral was instrumental in the getting the 2002 law passed mandating the voting machines, working through Alaska Independent Blind.

Lynne Koral is a Certified Professional Coach, with Wainwright Global International. She also possesses a degree in psychology, as well as other degrees and professional experiences that lend themselves well to listening, brainstorming,  problem-solving and goal-setting. with clients.

Beyond that though, Lynne is a seeker, questioner, explorer and wants to help you dig into your blocks to help you in your quest for your life’s purpose.  If you don’t think you have a purpose, or too many of them, think again. Each one of us has our own special reason for being here. You believe that don’t you? You know you do!

Lynne Koral with service animal Noelle at Guide Dog School in 2013

Lynne has been providing peer counseling, mentoring & coaching as part of her innate style since 1980, in her work as well as in her life.

The woman sure loves gadgets, and has loved toys of all kinds since she was a little girl.  She says, “When I was about five, I saw a switchboard used for telephone switching at an organization for the blind; I was captivated.

Lynne Koral with service animal Noelle at Guide Dog School in 2013

Lynne Koral with service animal Noelle at Guide Dog School in 2013

“And if we went to the zoo, I had to push whatever button was available to learn about the exhibit or cage or whatever we were passing by”, she confesses.

Because of her insatiable inquisitive nature, Lynne is a good listener. But those that know her well, know that she is a passionate communicator. In fact, her mother says that she sang before she talked.  “Mom would sing to me ‘Black, black, black is the color of my true love’s hair’ and other songs at bedtime” she tells us. 

The fact that she had a family that was very chatty by nature, meant that she had to learn how to actively listen and observe others’ conversations – all in spite of the fact that she’s been blind since birth.

Her parents would recount their day, and rarely could Lynne get a word in edgewise. As a result, she learned a great deal about how to discern a person’s mood or attitude by their tone alone. Learning how to interpret speech patterns, intonation & a person’s emotional energy became her strongest skill set.  Her ability to read people, without even seeing them, is almost a 6th sense that she’s developed as compensation for her lack of vision.

Lynne Koral speaks on evolution of braille at "The Braille Challenge" at the Rotary Club

Lynne Koral speaks on evolution of braille at “The Braille Challenge” for the community of Soldotna & Kenai

Lynne has been a frequent presenter, speaker, panelist, writer and editor of newsletters over the years. She has several education-based products in the hatch that can be presented to a variety of audiences. As part of her professional services, she also conducts web testing, webinars, and is an Equal Employment Opportunity assistant for the US federal government. At her heart level, Lynne is a public speaker, writer, connector and problem solver.

Thanks for stopping by. We welcome your comments, feedback, and questions. If you’re in desperate need of a change in your life, let Lynne be your inspiration. Guaranteed, she will support you in unearthing the hidden treasure that is within you.

Everyone needs a cheerleader for life. Let Lynne be yours!

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